Jordan & Bek Ge’ez Short Bio

Jordan & Bek Ge’ez are an EDM (electronic dance music) duo producers/Dj’s based in Ethiopia. Jordan (yordanos) born in Addis Ababa on November 15th & Bek Ge’ez (beka) born in Addis Ababa on October 31’st. Jordan & Bek Ge’ez met six years ago when they were both making music separately before they met, Jordan was focused on making EDM, Hip hop music and as for Bek Ge’ez he was working on Electronic music as-well. After getting to know each other’s music taste they decided to be a duo act and work as one which they was is one of the best way to make music. They were present since 2014 their first hit singles which were featured in their mixtape named after their names are ‘Tsedal feat.Eyobed’ & ‘Andlay’ which is still heard around the club and concert scenes in Addis. Every since 2016 have been collaborating with great artists such as Abush Zeleke, Sami dan, Yared Negu, Miki Gonderigna and upcoming artists who were working with them like Eyobed, Ben, Tinsu, Weeha. They have been showing their works in clubs & major events such as Taste of Addis (various times),EML events (various times), Jorka events (various times), fabulous addis, Korenti festival and many more shows to come. They are currently working on their first album which will feature new artists.

List of Artist we have worked with:

  1. Eyobed Wendessen
  2. Benhur GebreSellassie
  3. Mike Ellison
  4. Etsub
  5. Weeha & Key Bek
  6. Abush Zeleke
  7. Sami Dan
  8. Micky Gonderga
  9. Yared Negu